Sebo Ten Cate
Thermal treatment

There are many possibilities for hardening steel. Suitable methods include:
          • Case hardening
          • Hardening
          • Nitriting
          • Flame hardening
          • Induction hardening

One of these methods will be used, fully geared to the steel type and your requirements.

Annealing has an important function too:
          • Annealing - when hardened steel has to be processed
          • Soft annealing - to make machining of steel types easier
          • Stress relieve annealing - this will prevent hardening cracks

Basically, every type of steel can be hardened to a certain degree. However, this greatly depends on the chemical composition of the steel and the requirements you make upon it. We can harden small or large series for you up to certain dimensions. For hardening large parts, we cooperate with the best hardening plants in Europe.

When sending in your orders, please state at least:
          • Werkstofnummer
          • Required hardness
          • Earlier processing

Sebo Ten Cate also specialises in the following processes:
          • Aligning
          • Blasting
          • Surface grinding
          • Cylindrical grinding
          • Centreless grinding
          • Inner cylindrical grinding
          • Honing