Sebo Ten Cate
Our aim is to build a pleasant, friendly and lasting relation with our clients. However, we ask your attention for a number of aspects.
  • All our offers are free of charge.
  • Various activities require tooling that is custom-made for your order. The connected costs are stated in the offer and we will have to charge you for them. The same applies to set-up costs.
  • We will charge you for costs of freight and packaging unless special arrangements have been made.
  • On request we can make a test delivery, for instance for cutters with or without tines. We will charge you for the test cutter or cutters to be supplied.
  • For orders for a number of the same cutters, you should allow for an excess delivery of several items.
  • All our offers, all orders to us and all agreements concluded with us are subject to the conditions of the metal union, the "Metaalunievoorwaarden". The "Metaalunievoorwaarden" have been deposited at the clerk of the Court of Rotterdam and they read as most recently deposited there. The general conditions will be sent to you on request.