Sebo Ten Cate
Other cutters

Metal shear cutters

Metal shear cutters are also referred to as scrap cutters. You will see a few in the picture. Of course they come in all types and sizes.

Cutters for plate shears and angle bending machines

At Sebo Ten Cate you have also come to the right address for plate shears and angle bending machines. Particularly regrinding these cutters is done with the highest precision. And, what is very important for you, we can do that very quickly. Generally as early as within seven working days. We can pick up the cutters at your facility and bring them back.

Tined cutters

Tined cutters are generally used in the packaging and foodstuffs industry. That may involve paper or synthetic packaging materials. It is not easy to provide a complete list here. Instead we would like to invite you for a meeting to discuss all possibilities. In fact anything is possible.
Of course your requirements come first. We can also bend your cutters for you, for instance for your punching lines. We also produce a lot of cutters for the potato processing industry.
It goes without saying that all cutters are also available in stainless steel.

Circular cutters
We also supply high-quality circular cutters. Again: if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.