Sebo Ten Cate
Industrial cutters

Cutters for recycling synthetics, wood, metals, paper and rubber. Sebo Ten Cate specialises particularly in parts for the recycling sector. For that purpose very many machines are being used with a wide variety of cutters. We can supply cutters for almost any machine.
Please call us or send an e-mail for an appointment. We will visit you personally to find out what you need. Of course you can also send us your make and type number, so we will be able to serve you.

The same applies to wood recycling, for instance for recycling pallets. For that purpose cutter crowns are very popular (see the picture on the left). That goes for paper too.

Rubber requires yet different cutters. The picture on the right shows a cutter produced for that purpose. It is made of special steel. Cutters of this type will cut roughly 50 tonnes of lorry tires per set. Then the cutters get round edges and they have to be replaced.